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Ballon d'Or award 2016 ronaldo messi neymar
After the success of Ronaldo after winning the EURO 2016 with the Portugal side, Antoine Griezmann believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the winner for this year’s Ballon d’Or award. Even though Ronaldo didn’t play the full match on the EURO 2016 final, his performance throughout the whole tournament is amazing and very much worthy of the Ballon d’Or award.
Griezmann, 25 on the other hand end up as the top scorer of this year European Championship 2016. As a result of that, he take pride in winning the Golden Boots for the tournament but feel doubtful for winning the Ballon d’Or award this year. During the EURO 2016 final against Portugal, the French striker had failed to add to his six goals record when the French team was defeated at the Stade de France during the extra time on Sunday.
However, the Atletico Madrid forward did tried hard but just to see that his effort through his header was wonderfully saved by the Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patricio. Besides that, he also did miss another easy chance over the bar later on in the match. The French team did put a lot of attacking pressure on the Portugal side but their effort seem to go in vain as the Portugal side did produce some great defending throughout the game.
The final match of the EURO 2016 is also seen as a battle between Griezmann and Real Madrid star Ronaldo with the winner is expected to lift the Ballon d’Or award as the world’s best player. Both players did their best and provide top class performance for the whole season.
During an interview, Griezmann mentioned that winning the individual awards was not something that he had thought about prior to the Sunday’s game.
Even though Antoine Griezmann had a great football season, everything has not been as smooth as it seem as he has been on the losing side in all major finals for the club as well as for his country throughout this season.
“No, it will come if it has to come,” said Griezmann. “Am I still with a chance of winning? Cristiano Ronaldo won the biggest competitions. I think that that’sit—it’s done.
On the other hand, Ronaldo had won some of the top competition in this season and they include the Champions League and also EURO 2016. Given that he scored the winning penalty during the shootout against Griezmann’s Atletico in May, it seem that he could be more favorable for the Ballon d’Or award this season. However, the Real Madrid forward have not been making much impact in the Euro 2016 final as he was taken off the pitch after 25 minutes into the game. His injury was caused by an early tackle by France’s Dimitri Payet. Ronaldo did tried to stay on with the game twice but in the end had to relent to his injury and substituted out because it seem like there is no immediate solution for his knee injury.
One of the ex-France international player Christophe Dugarry said that he though at the time that Ronaldo’s withdrawal from the pitch with a knee injury would be going to be the turning point of the match. In fact, this is also what everyone is thinking at that time. “Yes and I wasn’t the only one,” Dugarry told Le Parisien. “The French players thought so too. Unconsciously, they may be believed that the hardest part was done. But no.” said Dugarry.
Many people who watched the match would have thought the same for the Portugal side. However, the game did not proceed as what we have thought it would be when we saw Eder’s goal during the extra at time. This is the real twist to the game that had shocked many people.
“Success was on Portugal’s side. We understood that when we saw Eder’s goal.
“He shot without looking at the goal, almost to get rid of the ball and without necessarily believing that he would score. And it went in. In the end, it’s a super goal and a stroke of genius,” said Dugarry.


Not only it is the winning goal that seal that deal for the Portugal side, it could also be an extra push for Ronaldo in claiming the Ballon d’Or award this season. After following all the happenings for this whole football season, who do you think will win the Ballon d’Or award? For more football tips, visit Maxbet.

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