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Real Madrid Breaks the Magic Curse
Real Madrid yesterday performed a dramatic turnaround, aided by the hat tricks of Christiano Ronaldo at Bernabeu with a 3-0 victory over Wolfsburg, reversed the under-situation, heading to UEFA Euro Championship for the sixth consecutive times.
This is the first time since Kidan was still a soccer player of Real Madrid and helped to defeat Bayern Munich at Bernabeu with 2-0 victory. This is also the first time that Kidan leads the team to earn the victory, which has broken the magic curse where Real Madrid is not able to enter the semi finals if it loses in the first round.
The 31-year-old Ronaldo has been criticized for not being able to glow on the big stage. However, Ronaldo manage to prove to everyone that he is still a shiny soccer celebrity who can goal afterall. To watch the live soccer match of Real Madrid or the 2016 UEFA Eurocup, please visit to find out more info.
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